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Handmade natural soap bars, made by hand in Devon

Our natural lathered soap bars, make a beautiful lather naturally thanks to the coconut oil we use in our recipe!
When you use our natural handmade soap bars, you will be delighted at how quickly they transform into a velvety, frothy lather! Enveloping your skin in a gentle, cleansing embrace.

They smell great too!

Our handmade, soap bars are made here in North Devon. We have carefully selected essential oils that complement each other and have used top notes combined with middle and base notes to make our beautifully scented handmade soap bars.

The result is a wonderfully fragrant soap with a long lasting fragrance that lathers beautifully.

We sell our natural soap in two convenient and handy sizes, as a 95 gram soap bar or our popular guest sized soap pack which includes 4 individually wrapped guest soaps. Each guest soap weighs between 19-24 grams and is carefully hand cut from one of our standard bars. 

All of our soaps are scented with natural essential oils.